Email With Accomplishment

I'm continuously looking for time saving features. Mutare's EVM3 application send all my voicemails to email saving me hours in a day, but a majority of my messages are looking for my availability.  I recently became aware of a fantastic iOS / Android app called Acompli. For example, how times are you asked what times you are open over the next week for a meeting?  You look at your calendar, write them down and try to remember them.  Instead of going through this timely process, what if you could reply and have full access to your calendar, while in the email. This app allows me to look at each day, and adds a chart with my available times to my email. The recipient now can see the times that you are available, and set up the meeting.  Not only did you simplify this very common task, but you made it easy for the person that asked for the times that you were open. 

Below are four screen shots and quick directions on how to send your available times via email.

1. Reply to the email that you received, or create a new one while in the Acompli app

2. Touch the small icon that has a '+' inside of the square

3. On the next screen touch the 'send availability' button

4. Your calendar will now display

5. Touch the times that you are available

6. Select done

A clean chart is added in the email, and you are now ready to email your availability.