Personal Mobile Devices in Healthcare

BYOD. Bring Your Own Device. With so many professionals turning to this convention,  how does it affect the healthcare environment?  For IT and security leaders in a hospital, BYOD is what keeps them up at night.  So what’s the big deal?  As a patient, I love it since my doctor and I talk about the latest apps that we use to track health. Smartphones and the applications that make them "smart" is what ‘s driving the BYOD influx to the enterprise.  For example, did you know that 14 of the top 23 U.S. hospitals are already using Apple’s Health Kit, which is a repository for patient-generated health information?  This is not slowing down anytime soon and is only going to move faster. The IT and security leaders of the healthcare environment need to find ways to keep up since patients will demand it.  So what will IT leaders do to keep information secure and also meet HIPAA requirements?  An article that I recently read  sheds some light on the challenges and will give you a glimpse into what hospitals are facing with BYOD.