Getting Ready for Enterprise Connect?

I’m eager to attend this year’s Enterprise Connect, the leading conference and exposition on enterprise communications and collaboration, March 16-19 in Orlando, FL. I just wanted to point out some of the high points that I am looking forward to seeing. 

Keynote Speakers

Google's Adam Swidler,  “Technology Evangelist for Google for work,” will be speaking March 18th.  Adam is speaking on security and compliance with Google Apps. 100% of every enterprise will be using cloud based services in one way or another, even if it is only one application or service.  

I’m also looking forward to Microsoft’s Zig Serafin, “VP Skype for Business,” will be speaking March 18th. When Microsoft purchased Skype, we all had the feeling that they would be wrapping it into the enterprise somehow, but the move by Microsoft to replace Lync with Skype is probably the best move I have ever seen by Microsoft. Skype is leaps and bounds ahead of Lync, and familiar to the millions of Skype users globally.  If Microsoft can make it easy to integrate Skype into the enterprise business, it will grow much faster than Lync ever could.  Looking over this article from The Wall Street Journal, gives you an idea of the penetration that Skype already has in the market.  In 2013 alone, 214 billion minutes of on net international calls took place. 214 billion minutes is equal to 407,153 years!!!  This puts Skype at 40% of the international telecom market. The growth that Skype has is staggering.   

 General Sessions

I also plan on attending “Mobility First” on March 16th.  Regardless of what is said in this session, Mobility is not going away and is only going to become even deeper ingrained in to the business world.  So is it "Mobility First"?

I am hoping that we are going to see what is hot today, and what the future may bring at, “Is there a new model for Enterprise Communication and Collaboration,” on March 17. There will always be a new way to communicate and collaborate

“Live in a Cloud-based, Software-Intensive Future,” on March 18 will have a panel that will discuss what adaptations are going to be needed in the Enterprise.  

There are also a ton of breakout sessions, the WebRTC summit and the Expo.  If you’re new to Enterprise Connect, the Expo is really good to visit if you need to talk to some of the engineers that you don’t  usually have access to. If you can’t make the conference, I will also post my review after the show.